Although he is not the first option if he is a good element for the midfield Che

The Valencia could benefit from the operation being carried out by the Atletico Madrid with the midfielder Mauro Arambarri. It is no secret to anyone that the Uruguayan was always the target of the Che team, although it was more at the explicit request of the previous coach José Bordalás. Even so, the steering wheel that right now militates in the Getafe CF It would be a good option for the midfield team directed by Gennaro Gattuso.

The truth is that he is Madrid painting who has all the ballots to take over the services of the Uruguayan who, among other things, will enter his last year of contract in the blue club. The issue is that in the template Simeone They will have to release one of their midfielders to make room for Arambarri and that discard could be ending up precisely in the Valencianista squad.

Arambarri Athletic
It is Geoffrey Kondogbia who has been sacrificed by Atlético to make way for Arambarri, and Valencia could take advantage of this situation.

Valencia could receive the dismissal of Atlético thanks to the operation with Arambarri

After so much analysis and thought, the Argentine coach has determined that the French Geoffrey Kondogbia is the one chosen to leave the squad and thus be able to receive the Uruguayan. Let us remember that the Frenchman belonged to Valencia between 2017 and part of 2021, so there are great possibilities for him to return to Mestalla.

If the Che club goes ahead and tries to agree on some business with Atlético for the French midfielder, Arambarri’s arrival at Wanda will be faster. At least that’s how the environment of the rojiblanco team sees it. The problem is that Andrea Berta knows that they need the money at once since Getafe will not accept transfers and right now Valencia is short of cash.

Another of Atlético’s solutions to make money for Kondogbia and thus pay for the signing of Arambarri

Valencia is not the only option to release Geoffrey Kondogbia and the offices of Atlético confirm this. Right now there is a possibility for the Frenchman to go to the Premier League for the first time. And it is that according to the Colchonero environment, Aston Villa would be behind the services of the former Inter Milan for months.

At the moment the midfielder has a price of 20 kilos and a contract until 2024, so they hope to receive that amount in a possible transaction. On the other hand, Arambarri is valued at 15 kilos with a million more for his clause. However, by subtracting only one year of contractual obligation, that price could drop considerably and Getafe knows it.


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