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Valencia CF getting closer to signing Nacho Fernández

Some prominent sources assume that the ‘che’ club has advanced steps to bring a multiple champion with the meringues

Each day that passes it becomes more and more complicated for him Valencia CF put into context their need to locate a central scroll defender, so they have focused everything on Nacho Fernandez, a screaming discard in Real Madrid. The idea fully meets the needs of Jose Bordalás, which has seen its evolution and the acceptances of roles it has had for years in the country’s capital.

A player with notorious conditions to defend in various systems, with temperament, loyal and very prominent when he has pressure on him. For something he was a World Cup player, and for something he is still one of the most sought-after substitutes in Spain. So these last hours have been fundamental, and have shown how everything has progressed to get ready.

Nacho Fernandez
Nacho Fernández is one step away from leaving Real Madrid

Recent events at Real Madrid put Valencia CF’s Nacho Fernández at gunpoint

But that this news falls that way responds to specific facts. The first thing to analyze is that Nacho has been managing his departure from Real Madrid for a long time. The reasons are simple to explain: the absence of minutes in the field, and the recent affirmation of continuity in the process of acquiring the rights of Antonio Rüdiger.

The German has given his yes to the proposal of the merengue team to become a defender of the team guided by Carlo Ancelotti. This is because Real Madrid has been the only one to match his financial requests that have led him to give up renewing with Chelsea. The defender asks for 12 million euros per season and in London they barely reach 8.5.

The alarming absence of troops in the area broadens the range of effectiveness of the agreement

Losing Gabriel Paulista has been a direct blow to José Bordalás, who has little to work on the defensive system at the moment. He raised Guillamón to midfield and since then his margin of action has been reduced. So he has directly asked to find substitutes, and in that context Nacho’s name is more than striking.

The team has many obligations on it and within its outreach strategies is the possibility of achieving a place in European competitions. For that it is necessary to assume a competitive role and Nacho is a top quality element. At 31 years old, he still feels strong enough to fight, and he believes that he can succeed as long as he accelerates his exit without obligations and the salary margin adjusts to reality. Open topic.

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