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Valencia CF Gayá criticized by Valencia CF fans for lack of commitment Andrés Guzmán – December 8, 2023 – 8:30 am

There is great unease about the captain from those around Ché Team supporters

José Luis Gayà continues to leave many doubts among Valencia CF fans. Although the talented left-back and the club’s stronghold is one of the best elements of coach Rubén Baraja, his constant losses raise many questions. He is a crucial and important player in the plan, so his absence is keenly felt.

Let’s remember that apart from Valencia CF José Luis Gayà is also part of the Spanish team. He is one of the regular players around Luis de la Fuente and is an integral part of the defense due to his career, performance and leadership. In any case, their calls sometimes clash with crucial moments from those from the Mestalla, which the fans no longer like.

Gaya Valencia
The team continues to leave fans with questions

José Luis Gayà’s constant losses are raising doubts among Valencia CF and its fans

In this way, it was discovered that the club’s fans fear that the left-handed “La Roja” is giving priority to his team. They perceive this as a lack of commitment on their part, which has already been noticeable on several occasions.. Some physical problems that caused him to take a break were better managed with Spain.

In this order of ideas, It’s all set for José Luis Gayà to miss another game against Valencia CF. It will be played against Getafe CF at the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez and will be crucial for Rubén Baraja’s Men’s European Championship. The irregularities in the last few games have taken them away from the places occupied by Real Sociedad and Athletic, so they have to return to victory.

The supporters of the Capital del Túria club believe that the national team is the team’s priority

Therefore, the feeling of Valencia CF fans towards Gayà is more towards the player forcing his participation in the Spanish national team. Everything indicates that the team is only thinking about the European Championships in Germany. and want to be ready for this competition. For this reason, she has prioritized the upcoming continental tournament.

We will then have to wait and see what will happen with this new loss that Rubén Baraja will have to cope with. The coach will have to take several steps to compensate for the absence of one of his best forces in a demanding game against the Azulones. Other club supporters are optimistic about Gayà’s absence as they believe that Getafe’s aggressive football may not be good for the full-back and he may suffer more serious injuries.

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