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Valencia CF Gasiorowski leads Valencia CF to sell in January Andrés Guzmán – December 10, 2023 – 2:30 p.m

The talented defender has arrived well at the club, which would result in him leaving on the winter market

Yarek Gasiorowski was one of the surprises that Valencia CF had at this stage of the season. At 18 years old, he is a footballer who Rubén Baraja completely trusts and who has already accumulated good minutes of play based on his performances. He is of Polish descent and also belongs to the Spanish youth teams, where he is one of the most productive footballers.

Let’s remember this Yarek Gasiorowski is another footballer that Baraja promoted at Valencia CF. The coach’s work with the young people has been crucial and many are already part of the first team and have full roles. Now, given their good form, the Mestalla guys have no choice but to sell to someone else in January.

Gasiorovsky Valencia
The defender continues to show his quality and allows Ché to drop another element

Valencia CF are happy with Gasiorowski’s performance but his entry into the first team means an exit

Therefore, It has been noted that Cenk Ozkacar is one of the footballers who causes the most doubts in the Ché environment. The 23-year-old Turk is one of the standouts in Peter Lim’s management as he arrived for a good fee and has been an underperforming footballer so far. He came to the capital of Turia with great expectations, but these gradually faded.

Now, with the great performance of players like Yarek Gasiorowski, Valencia is considering the departure of the Ottoman defender. He is currently not considered a coach and when he was given the chance he didn’t know how to use it. For this reason and more, he is one of those who will have to say goodbye in the transfer market next January.

Cenk Ozkar has to leave in the next January market

In this order, alongside the young Polish Spaniard, Mosquera was also instrumental. Colombian Hispanic is another great discovery The coach did that and Peter Lim appreciates his performance. Even his name is already in the folder of the Spanish and Colombian national teams.

On that note, Cenk Ozkacar will have a very difficult time competing with Mosquera and Gasiorowski at Valencia CF. Therefore, he will be one of the names that will be on the exit ramp in the winter as he will not have a chance. This move has been heavily criticized by fans as a major investment was made for a footballer who was unable to adapt.

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