Valencia CF expectant with Atlético’s plan for Saúl

A new option opens in the environment so that the table that continues adding people in the area where there are more requests

One of the most agitated reference topics of the moment returns and sounds today, the future of the Atlético de Madrid player, Saul Niguez. Having gone through a delicate moment in England, his return becomes more and more poignant, and out of all context, the one who has gotten the idea of ​​​​incorporating it into his head is the Valencia.

Some sources in the Turia capital anticipate that the midfielder is one of the strengths he has requested Jose Bordalás, understanding that his contractual environment puts him in weakness and makes him very easy to abduct. A player who fits perfectly into the idea of ​​​​the coach and who has maximum approval at the institutional level.

Saul Valencia
The midfielder from Alicante looks favorably on returning to LaLiga Santander, and more so to a team like Valencia.

In Valencia they like everything about Saúl, so they have started working on the idea of ​​incorporating him in the summer

Very limited, the midfielder knows that his departure is the best option. Thomas Tuchel has given him only skirmishes in the FA Cup and in the EFL Cup, which has caused more doubts to enter his environment every day. He does not want to continue to be left behind in an idea that is known to be armed and he intends to recover his level far from there.

Valencia is at this moment one of the best showcases and so it shows. Also due to a compatibility issue, not only from the technical-tactical point of view, but from the contractual point of view, since they could cover this fact by mobilizing certain direct parameters without altering anything.

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The winning formula is already in the hands of Andrea Berta for her respective analysis

For now, what prevails in this sense is the possibility of having him on loan until the end of the following season. Peter Lim has a DNA established in that fact that prevents him from signing expensive players and appeals to the usual margin, very cheap or on loan, as this one aims to be.

So playing to offer a good amount for that transfer, they allow Bordalás to be given a very valuable tool, which apart from the talent he has with the ball at his feet gives him something additional, which is versatility. Being able to play in several systems and allowing to enrich their approaches.

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