Valencia CF captain’s historic bang on Peter Lim: final ultimatum

Through every possible channel, several players and coaching staff have sent a message to the Singaporean businessman regarding the transfers. This time it is the chief of the troops who is putting pressure on him.

Valencia CF are pretty rough when it comes to transfers and their captain and announcer can’t take the situation anymore card deck is also emphasized. José Gayá again attacks Meriton Holdings and its chief executive we are talking about Peter Lim. Without having to mention the Singaporean’s name, it is obvious that your message was addressed to him.

Everything happened as part of the flower donation to the Virgen de los Desamparados, where various media came to the sanctuary to try to interview a player from Valencia. His captain decided to show his face and talk about the current situation which doesn’t look good. And it is that while the other LaLiga teams have seen movement in the market, Che team has only completed one signing so far.

Captain Valencia cf
José Luis Gayá pleads for new signings and, without naming names, blames those responsible for his team’s current situation.

Captain Che’s words that hit the Valencia CF owner like arrows

One of the most frequently asked questions from the media present at the Virgin event is the immediate presence of the team before the start of the season. Estro said Gayá. “It is clear that the team has to improve a lot. It’s true the kids have shown they’re prepared but we’re aware that signings are needed, we all know that. We have to be focused and hope that there will be (signings) for the Sevilla game.”

The left-back had no reason to shift the blame to the club when the majority of Valencians know that Peter Lim is the main culprit. Amid the storm, the winger expressed optimism and is already looking forward to the league opener against Sevilla FC on Friday 11 August. The captain also had a few words for this commitment.

The Valencia CF captain wants to start LaLiga EA Sports 2023-24 with a right foot

And speaking of the beginning of LaLiga EA Sports, the first challenge that awaits the black and white team is nothing more and nothing less than the last Europa League champion. In terms of signings, too, Nervión hasn’t changed much and only signed one player. Adrià Pedrosa, who comes from Espanyol.

José Gayá knows what his goals are for this season and will be hoping to get off to the best possible start against Sevilla FC. “From experience, the last year has been so tough that our goal is clearly the Sevilla game. We have to watch the game and get the three points and so on. It’s the idea we have to improve and keep growing and you’ll see it from there, but with the mentality of going game by game and improving.”

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