Valencia CF captain needs a miracle to play against Athletic

The left back could miss the Cup semifinal

One week to go in the semi-final of Copa del Rey Come in athletic club and Valencia CFit is known that the lateral and captain Jose Luis Gaya could be outside. The bad news has just come from the Ches medical department, where they confirm that the player has an injury that could get complicated these days.

It all goes back to the commitment played last Sunday in Mestalla, where the club suffered a resounding defeat against FC Barcelona. To the minute 65 the left-handed winger had to leave the pitch as he felt discomfort in his left leg. Bordalás he realized it and preferred to replace him before risking a major complication.

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José Luis Gayá felt discomfort in the match against Barcelona, ​​and had to leave at minute 65.

Bordalás’ decision with the Valencia CF captain

Of course, the coach from Alicante wants one of his best men to be on the pitch in a game as decisive as it will be next Wednesday. However, if the cost is a more serious injury, he won’t do it. And that we are talking about a Copa del Rey semifinal. On the other hand, the side does not want to lose the semifinal and is already working on his rapid recovery.

Most likely, the Valencian lane player will not be in this Sunday’s game against Mallorca. Instead, he will take advantage of the time to continue working on the evolution of the discomfort. Gayá’s presence in the match against Athletic is quite significant for the entire squad and, of course, for Bordalás.

Bordalás understands the captain’s desperation in wanting to help Valencia

José Luis Gayá is from the house and not for nothing is he the captain, in the same way he always wants to contribute and more in these final instances of the Cup. However, the coach sees it from another perspective and says that the will also goes from the hand with ability. In a few words, what Pepe meant is that if the player is not at 100%, it is better that he does not play even if he wants to be at 1000%.

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“There is a very high demand in football. The competition does not give you respite. There is a very high intensity and the risk of injury is greater, that’s why I tell you that you have to be very prepared physically and mentally, because that will tell you what level you will be at. The player does not want to get injured, but the demand and wanting to help without having good feelings, as is the case with Carlos, lead to injuries. It has happened to us with José too; They love his team very much, they want to help and sometimes you can’t control that ”, declared Bordalás.

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