Uni Girona traveled to Valencia with a rather complicated task. In Fontajau, last Sunday, Alfred Julbe’s men fell to the Taronja team by twelve points (49-61) and although this season the Catalan team had always prevailed in La Fonteta (55-61 in the regular season and 59-67 in the Queen’s Cup), I had never done it for such a difference. Victory also this Thursday, but insufficient (66-73).

“We are going to go out to win by twenty”, he commented in the previous Laia Palau who, at 42 years old (turns 43 in September), could have played her last game. Or not. The point guard, who retired from the National Team after the Tokyo Olympics, has decided to think about summer if he continues for another year. In the second leg of these semi-finals he showed that he hasn’t forgotten about playing basketball. In the first quarter he connected well with Burke and had already added four assistsalthough his team lost by four (21-17). The road to the final, therefore, had gotten a little steeper for Girona, which came down eight in the second quarter (28-20), but who went into the break commanding (34-36) thanks to a triple by Mendy.

Valencia got stuck in the third quarter and Laia Flores, with a triple, put fear in the body of the taronja team (41-49). The distance between the two was shortened and the final had no owner, but Rubén Burgos’s men reacted and managed to start the last round four down (50-54) and even Salvadores had two free throws to put his men ahead. They did not enter and Valencia was cold. With just over six minutes to play, Reisingerova reduced Taronja’s overall lead to just two points (53-63) and had several options to match the result, but Valencia, with two triples (Allen and Ouviña) restored calm to La Fontetawho got nervous again after a triple by Mendy in the last minute (64-71), but Girona ran out of time (66-73) and Valencia Basket repeated in the Endesa Women’s League final.


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