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Valencia Basket is preparing a big signing: Stefan Jovic or Calathes

When looking for a star guard, the Taronja club chooses the Serbian point guard instead of “Nick”.

The Taronja club has made a crucial decision to strengthen its squad for the ACB regular season. With the need to strengthen the escort position. Valencia Basket has chosen the talented Serbian point guard Stefan Jovic instead of Nick Calathes. This decision was made with a strategic approach to maintain the possibility of signing a senior shooting guard.

The news comes after this was announced Martin Hermannsson, the team’s starting point guard, will undergo knee surgery, which will keep him off the field for a long time. Due to this injury, Valencia Basket was faced with the urgent task of finding a replacement who could fill the void left by Hermannsson.

Stefan Jovic Valencia
This strategic decision serves to strengthen the workforce and provides the Taronja team with financial flexibility.

Valencia Basket chooses Stefan Jovic: a strategic step towards the ACB season

Stefan Jovic has become the Taronja club’s preferred candidate due to his recent successes with the Serbian national team., with which he was named vice world champion. His contract includes a release clause for Euroleague teams of 300,000 euros, which guarantees that Valencia Basket can have a significant budget to sign a scoring guard.

On his part Nick Calathes, a more expensive alternative at point guard, was ruled out in favor of Jovic. This strategic decision will allow the team to retain greater financial flexibility to acquire a quality shooter, a need the club has been trying to fill of late.

The outstanding problem: a scoring guard

Let us remember, Enric Carbonell and Luis Arbalejo, The team’s managers always had the intention of adding another pure goalscorer to their roster.. Plus Kassius Robertson. Kyle Guy was originally supposed to be the team’s second winger, but ultimately decided to move to Panathinaikos.

Now, With the arrival of Stefan Jovic, Valencia Basket hopes that its squad is complete and ready to face the ACB regular season with the strength needed to compete in the Spanish Basketball League. The signing of Jovic represents a wise and strategic decision that underlines the Taronja club’s commitment to its pursuit of sporting excellence. This strategic decision shows the club’s determination to strive for a successful season in the ACB.

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