Valencia Basket also seizes the engine in the Eurocup

Valencia Basket must restart the engine. The stoppage of training due to several positives in COVID (Van Rossom and several members of the coaching staff) has affected him. And a lot. After the defeat against Breogán in the Endesa League, he added another in Eurocup, before a serious and successful Cedevita.

As usual, in Dubljevic the team is reflected. The Montenegrin (1 point and -6 valuation) signed one of the worst matches in La Fonteta in memory. The rest is already known. The low activity in defense made Cedevita grow that, little by little, he became owner of the parquet. Van Rossom and Hermannsson were saved from burning with an acceptable shot. But it was not enough. On the Slovenian team, veteran Jaka Blazic was the real enforcer (24 points and 31 valuation credits) although he had a good escort with Muric and Ferrell (15 points each).

Valencia Basket started the game again soft and stiff. The result was five losses and 19 points conceded in just seven minutes. With the 10-19 on the electronic, Maroto changed his inner partner and with Rivero-Dubljevic the defensive intensity increased one point. Triple to triple, Valencia (to mention two of Puerto in a row) was cutting back.

So much so that on the first play of the second quarter, three free of Dimitrijevic, who returned after injury, put the first taronja advantage in the duel. Cedevita was not daunted despite the obvious improvement of the local team and held the pull with a great Blazic. Five points in a row from Labeyrie put the maximum for the taronjas (39-32, min. 16) throughout the game but Auguste and Farrell held their team in the game. An assist from Blazic to Auguste on the horn squeezed him a lot at the break (44-43).

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A Hermannsson triple after the break was a mirage for Valencia (47-43). From there a 0-16 started that made it clear that the taronja intensity lacks a point after a week without being able to train together due to the COVID protocol. Van Rossom, with two triples, and Tobey, with another, threatened the comeback but this time the choral team was the Slovenian. Blazic, with command in place, and a spectacular Auguste did not give truce. A Prepelic, too irregular, gave hope after adding 8 points in a row at the dawn of the third act (64-70).

But the beginning of the last quarter, with four free ones from Pullen (lack of three more technique) they threw Prepelic’s arreón to the ground with a stroke of the pen. Van Rossom picked up the comeback flag for the umpteenth time. A triple by Prepelic (75-80, min. 35) cut the income but the Slovenian was very hasty against his compatriots. Two misses with too forced shots were answered with baskets of Muric and Blazic left Valencia without options.

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