Valencia are pushing for Rafa Mir’s signing

Excitement in the La Liga transfer market continues to mount and one of the names that has grabbed the most headlines is talented striker Rafa Mir. Valencia and Sevilla are fighting fiercely to secure their services and as negotiations progress the details of this exciting operation will emerge.

The talks between the two clubs have revealed significant differences in the financial terms and contract terms. One of the main points of contention is the amortization of Rafa Mir’s transfer. Sevilla are asking €2m to recoup the transfer while Valencia would be willing to offer just one million. This discrepancy could become an obstacle in the ongoing negotiations.

Valencia are pushing for Rafa Mir’s signing

Another important aspect is the player’s salary in this agreement, which is set at €1.7 million net. Rafa Mir, a 26-year-old Spanish player, is highly regarded in the transfer market due to his skills as a striker and his La Liga experience.

The purchase option is also the focus of the talks. The amount of the purchase option is estimated at around 8 million euros, but a final agreement on this has not yet been reached. This uncertainty could make negotiations between both teams more complex.

Rafa Mir’s market value is estimated at €10m, making him a highly desirable player for several clubs. His versatility on the pitch and ability to act as a centre-forward has made him a top target for both Sevilla and Valencia, both of whom are keen to strengthen their sides for next season.

As the negotiations continue, football fans will be keeping an eye on all the developments surrounding the potential transfer of Rafa Mir. The dispute between the two sides over the terms of the contract adds further tension to this ongoing story as the clubs look to land the talented striker and bring him into their ranks to compete in a new season of excitement and goals in La Liga .

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