Valencia and Osasuna ignored by Valverde desperately offer

The Athletic coach forgets about Moncayola and Guillamón

When the elections for the presidency of the Athleticit seemed that so much Moncayola What Hugo Guillamon They were clear reinforcements for the Basque team. However, the preseason has made it clear that Valverde does not have the player from Osasuna nor to the Valencia CF.

That doesn’t mean that Ernest Valverde have not called for reinforcements. He simply has other plans for this season. Look for a midfielder, yes, but who has quality for distribution. The other point to reinforce for the basque technician it is the right side.

Osasuna Moncayola
Jon Moncayola is still an Osasuna player

Valverde’s assignments to Athletic

And it is that Valverde still trusts that reinforcements arrive at Athletic. In this sense, as El GOL Digital has learned, there are two clear orders from Ernesto Valverde to the president of Athletic. On the one hand, Álvaro Odriozola, a right back with no place at Real Madrid.

On the other hand, Ander Herrera who, although in principle he wanted to stay at PSG, has seen how the Italian team has signed Vitinha, Renato Sanches and is very close to reaching an agreement for Fabián. All of them footballers who play in the same position.

Osasuna and Valencia do not understand Valverde

The fact is that the plans of Osasuna and Valencia CF are now compromised by the decisions of Ernesto Valverde. In Osasuna they counted on Moncayola leaving, leaving a good economic pinch. Without this circumstance, Osasuna may now be forced to lower its demands for the player to leave at a bargain price.

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Meanwhile, Valencia CF has been forced to sell Guedes and the sale of another important asset has not yet been ruled out. As far as Hugo Guillamón is concerned, it seems that the parties are very close to signing a contract extension with Valencia CF. Valverde’s decisions are having consequences.

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