Valdez supports regulatory convergence in the stock market

The Governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu, received and welcomed the Stock Market Superintendent, Gabriel Castro, and the participants of the First Dialogue on Regulatory and Operational Convergence of Capital Markets in Central America and the Caribbeanwith whom he discussed the importance of regulatory convergence for the proper development of capital markets.

This meeting, in which eight superintendencies from Central America and the Caribbean, eight stock exchanges and central securities, three multilateral financial entities and more than 300 participants, take place in the country from June 21 to 23 of this year.

Valdez Albizu referred to the importance for the good development of stock markets in the region has regulations in accordance with the inherent needs of the markets and the unavoidable adaptation to new technologies.

He highlighted as relevant for its strengthening aspects such as transparency, macroeconomic stability, the certainty provided by the authorities to investors, and the climate of peace and legal security that generates confidence in market agents.

He indicated that the approval of Law 249-17 on the stock market represented a definitive advance in the country.

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