Valdez Albizu said today that the country is armored, due to the good management of its institutions

The governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu, confirmed today that the country is shielded due to the good banking management of the institutions in the country, which, according to what he affirmed, have contributed to making the Dominican Republic an example that it is possible to operate safely here. and without risks.

The governor of the BCRD, said when speaking at the inauguration of the ninth edition of the Economic and Financial Week 2023, that this week is very important for the world, since unexpected situations have appeared in some international banks to which the Federal Reserve has already from the United States and the European Central Bank, Japan and Switzerland will help them deal with liquidity problems in some financial institutions.

In this context, Valdez Albizu indicated that the Dominican Republic is in a situation of armor.

“They are in an enviable position of equity capitalization, solvency, close management of their operations, adjusted to the rules and regulations established by the Monetary Board,” he said.

In the activity, the governor delivered the Guide to develop your economic and financial skills “, which is found on the website of the bank

The ninth version of the Economic and Financial Week is carried out as part of the institutional social responsibility program called “Central Classroom for Economic and Financial Education”, in coordination with the international foundation “Child & Youth Finance”, and the participation of 40 institutions nationals.

For five days, from today, Monday 20 to Friday, March 24, the Central Bank opens its doors wide so that the general population, but especially children and young students, receive information and guidance on economy and finance through of talks, conferences, workshops, theater, cinema, stories, games and guided visits to the Numismatic and Philatelic Museum, he said.

The “Guide to develop your economic and financial skills” was prepared jointly by the member institutions of the National Strategy for Economic and Financial Education, with the purpose of contributing to greater knowledge and a better understanding of the economy and finance by the population.

This guide, which will be freely available to all interested parties, offers information on savings and financial planning, financial user rights, price stability, the payment system of the Dominican Republic, in simple language and with abundant graphic support. the National Development Strategy, financial mathematics, the financial administration of the State, financial education for Mimypes, financial culture, stock market and pension system.

The material had the contribution of Abancord, ABA, Banco Central, Banreservas, Capgefi, the Ministries of Economy, Planning and Development; of Education; of Treasury; Industry, Commerce and MSMEs; of the Presidency of the Republic; and the Superintendencies of Banks; of the Stock Market; and Pensions.

In the Economic and Financial Week, 91 activities will be carried out, and there will be a conference on “Artificial Intelligence: from trend to reality. Its impact on communication”, which will be offered by the international expert Luisa Allí Turrillas to communication directors, consultants, journalists, teachers and students of the communication career. Likewise, the awards ceremony of the academic competition “Economists of the future”, with which they seek to bring the world of economics and finance closer to the last year students of the baccalaureate of schools and colleges throughout the country.

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