Vada unseals Zaragoza

It was Alcorcón who took the initiative in the first stages of the match. Arribas and Xisco had a lot of presence in attack and Alcorcón’s midfield dominated possession with a notable Moyano. At nine minutes Hugo Fraile hit the wood with a shoe from outside the area.

At 20 minutes Moyano took the ball between several handy players, yielded to Xisco whose shot was rejected by Álvarez and Moyano himself pointed it to the back of the net. Alcorcón opened the scoring in a deserved way and the young player from Cordoba showed that he has a lot to say in this Alcorcón.

The goal did not change what was seen on the pitch as Alcorcón continued to control the tempo of the game and generate chances. At 28 minutes Moyano put a pass that Xisco was about to reach.

The best of Zaragoza was headed by Narváez in the 33rd minute, but when the ball slipped in Dani Jiménez repelled the shot proving, once again, that he is one of the best goalkeepers in the category. Good old Dani Jiménez had not yet removed his superhero cape when he had to fly again to avoid Narváez’s goal in the 36th minute. The seven of Zaragoza was on the way to having nightmares with the lebrijano.

At the edge of the break Xisco was very close to making the second after an Arribas cross from the right.

JIM looked for the reaction with the exits of Nano Mesa and Borja Sainz but after the resumption the scenery changed very little. The Alcorcón had the initiative and the weight of the party. However, at 54 minutes JIM’s board worked. Missing near the balcony of the area that Zapater takes indirectly and turns it into a filtered pass so that Eguaras made the equalizer before the lack of adjustment of the yellow defense.

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The goal boosted Zaragoza and Fran Gámez with a left foot was able to make the second, but did not find a goal. Anquela had to make her team react and made three changes, giving way to Marc Gual, Asencio and Juan Hernández. But Zaragoza had begun to dominate and did not seem to slow down. At 70 minutes, again Narváez, could make the second of Zaragoza, but this time it was Bellvís who stood between the Colombian striker and the goal.

Alcorcón played very far back, in their own field and thus it is very difficult to generate anything. Zaragoza had become the owner and lord of the game.

At 84 minutes a bad control in the small area of ​​Bellvís leaves the ball easy for Vada to score the second goal. Zaragoza looked for it throughout the second half and found the comeback.

Alcorcón tried until the end, but only Asencio in a header from a corner had a clear chance to get the tie. Alcorcón is, one more week, bottom and Zaragoza get their first goals and their first points.

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