It will still be necessary to wait some time before we officially speak of a vaccine pass. The left-wing candidates, in unison with the teachers’ unions, went wild on Thursday, January 13, against the management of the health crisis at President Macron’s school, while deputies and senators did not reach an agreement. on the bill establishing the vaccination pass. After more than four hours of meeting in a joint committee (CMP), deputies and senators failed to reach an agreement on the bill implementing the vaccination pass, who will therefore have to leave for a shuttle between the Assembly and the Senate for final adoption.

The agreement seemed close, however, despite the significantly different versions voted on at first reading by the Assembly and the Senate, dominated by the right. But a tweet from the boss of senators LR Bruno Retailleau before the end of the meeting, evoking “a victory for common sense” of his people, caused “an intolerable attack” on the functioning of Parliament, denounced the president of the commission of the Laws of the Assembly, Yaël Braun-Pivet.

“Such a moron is useful”

On the ground, the left, still divided, seized the opportunity to be heard by supporting the strike movement in schools, less than three months before the presidential election. Jean-Luc Mélenchon virulently attacked the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer: “He half demolished the school but managed to get everyone to agree, it’s not bad. A Such a cretin is useful. You have to give the good-for-nothing a chance,” he said on the sidelines of the Paris event.

The socialist Anne Hidalgo, who believes that “the school has been largely damaged by the policy conducted” by the executive, the communist Fabien Roussel and Christiane Taubira were also in the Paris procession. The ecologist Yannick Jadot, who believes that “we must change ministers to be able to restore confidence”, marched in Grenoble.

For the quasi-candidate Macron, always favored in the polls around 25% in the first round, the question of education, one of the priorities of the left-wing electorate, is essential to broaden its electoral base. In an attempt to put out the fire, Prime Minister Jean Castex has been receiving trade union organizations at the Ministry of Education since 6:30 p.m. in the presence of Jean-Michel Blanquer. The Minister of Health Olivier Veran, who has just tested positive for Covid, will also be connected by videoconference.

They were nearly 78,000 people, teachers and other national education personnel in the street Thursday, according to the Ministry of the Interior, which identified 136 actions throughout the country.

The right is not left to attack the executive. It is a strike “against Mr. Blanquer and this government, their Kafkaesque vision of the health protocol!”, Accuses in Le Parisien the deputy LR Damien Abad, Education adviser to the right-wing candidate Valérie Pécresse.

For Eric Zemmour, this mobilization is “legitimate” in the face of a Jean-Michel Blanquer to whom he had nevertheless “given all the credit in the world”, but who “disappointed him”. “He is the great disappointment of my life. (…) He spoke, but he did not act”, he regretted on RTL.


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