Vaccine: how to make an appointment for the third dose?

As of Monday, August 30, 18 million people are eligible for a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Appointments are therefore now possible for those who want to receive it.

People over 65 and people suffering from comorbidities are affected by this new recall (immunocompromised people have already been affected since May). However, you must have received your second dose more than six months ago, the authorities said.

For those entering the framework, several ways exist for this third injection. In retirement homes, the injection will be carried out directly to the breasts of the establishments, obtaining the prior consent of the person. The campaign should start in nursing homes in mid-September, probably around the 12th.

For others, making an appointment to receive their third dose of vaccine can be done this Monday via the usual platforms on the internet, such as Doctolib Where Keldoc. The first places available are on Thursday 1er September. It is also possible to go directly to your doctor to find a niche, or to a pharmacy.

As a reminder, the health authorities and the government deem this new injection necessary for the people concerned in order to counter vaccine protection which could be declining in some.

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