Vaccination: Venezuela wants to install “traffic lights” in restaurants

Venezuela will install “traffic lights” at the entrance to public places and restaurants, controlling the vaccination status of customers, President Nicolas Maduro announced on public television on Friday.

“We prepare traffic lights (…) for restaurants and public places (…) Green when the person is vaccinated. Orange when not vaccinated but ‘healthy’. Red when the person is not vaccinated and has had a positive test within 21 days, ”announced the president, referring to an implementation at the end of October.

Vice-President Delcy Rodriguez, for her part, clarified that this system would work with a database which would make it possible to know if the person is vaccinated simply with his identity card number.

The number of deaths underestimated?

“Today, we have reached 50% of people vaccinated with the target set at 70% for October 31,” assured President Maduro, who warned against a recent increase in the number of cases in Caracas.

The country has recorded, according to official data, nearly 380,000 cases of Covid-19 for 4,576 deaths. But the figures are questioned by health representatives and international organizations, who consider them undervalued.

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