For several weeks, senators and deputies have been debating, without finding common ground, around the bill which will see the health pass turn into a vaccination pass. And it would seem that the TousAntiCovid-Verif application has preceded the announcements of Parliament: a date of implementation, mentioned nowhere else, would already appear there, as reported by Numerama. At the origin of the discovery: the cybersecurity consultant Piotr Chmielnicki. He expressed his astonishment on Twitter on January 14, without being able to precisely date this modification for the moment.

The configuration file of the TousAntiCovid-Verif application, used in particular to update the conditions of validity of the passes, would display the date of January 25, 2022 for “vaccinePassStartDate”. After conducting research, our colleagues from the specialized site declared that they had found no trace of such a date in the multiple government announcements.

An implementation already postponed

The government had originally envisaged implementation on January 15, 2022. However, the referral by the joint committee of the text to the deputies had changed the situation, forcing the government to change its timetable. The government spokesperson, Gabriel Attal, declared on BFMTV on January 9 that he wanted to postpone the vote and an implementation “at the latest in the first days of the week of January 17”.

In November 2021, Numerama had already detected Emmanuel Macron’s announcements of a third “booster” dose in the configuration file. Information confirmed since, and which gives hope that the implementation will take place on January 25th.


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