Vaccination of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh begins with the sinoform

Dhaka: Corona vaccination of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh has started.

According to the details, the vaccine has been initiated in the camps of Rohingya Muslims who have come to Bangladesh seeking refuge from neighboring Myanmar.

Corona vaccination in Cox’s Bazar refugee camps began Tuesday, with some 900,000 Rohingya refugees in the camps, where they are being vaccinated in cooperation with UN agencies.

Some 48,000 people 55 and older are being vaccinated with the cyanoform vaccine made in China, one vaccinator told the media. The virus is spreading around the world and affects people I don’t want to be

While 220 countries and regions around the world have been infected with the corona virus, Rohingya Muslims in refugee camps in Bangladesh have not been spared, according to the World Health Organization. A diagnosis has been made and 28 of them have died.

It should be noted that the highly contagious variant of the ‘Delta’ virus is spreading rapidly in Bangladesh.

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