“Uz and customs”, the guardian theater company of the memory of the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda

Transmitting history to future generations is the mission that the theater company “Uz et customs” has set itself. The piece titled It all depends on the number of cows educates children and parents about the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda. small and adults are separated to attend two shows distinctexplaining each in their own way, this sinister page in the history of Africa.

Two plays and a common epilogue

In the first play aimed at the youngest, the story is centered on Hadi, a boy. Through his child’s eyes, he observes the drama unfolding in his country, without really understanding it. His only concern is to find his favorite radio station. An object in reality hijacked as a propaganda tool by the genocidaires. Throughout her adventure, Hadi will discover what is really going on in her native land.

In the second play intended for adults, the story unfolds without shadow, the public hears testimonies from survivors of the genocide. Two pieces that end up coming together in a common epilogue, linking the two experiences lived by the public.I learned that racism is bad and that we should not discriminate against people for no reason.“, explains Ismaïl, a young spectator.We come out of it upset, we don’t have many words to describe the emotion transmitted, it was very strong “adds an older viewer. The company continues its tour throughout France in 2022, to continue to bring the memory of the victims and their stories to life.

“It all depends on the number of cows”, Uz company and customs, on tour in all of France.

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