Home Sports Usman Garuba speaks clearly after signing for Thunder: Real Madrid careful

Usman Garuba speaks clearly after signing for Thunder: Real Madrid careful

The Spanish basketball promise speaks out after his transfer to the US basketball team

In an exclusive interview for Marca, Usman Garuba spoke about his recent trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder and expressed his excitement about the upcoming challenge. in his sporting career. The talented striker was thrilled to be joining an expanding roster and a team whose style of play is a perfect match for his talents and abilities.

The Spanish player revealed that he had talks with the Thunder’s coach and general manager, who have conveyed their confidence and belief in their potential. Garuba assured that he feels comfortable with this new opportunity, especially after moving to the Houston Rockets, where he feels he is not in the right situation to fully develop his game.

Usman Garuba Thunder
the young Spanish basketball talent shares his thoughts after his move to Oklahoma

Usman Garuba and his dream in Thunder: the open door for a possible return to Real Madrid

Despite leaving for the NBA, Garuba has made it clear that his dream is to stay in the American league throughout his professional career. However, Real Madrid, the team in which he grew up as a player and achieved notable successes, remain attentive to his progress. The door for a possible return to his homeland is not closed, and Merengue fans dream of seeing him again in the future with the black and white shirt.

Also, the Spanish player spoke about the differences between the NBA and other leagues, emphasizing the importance of staying focused And always give your best. For him, the key thing is to focus on giving 100% every day and work hard, regardless of wins or losses. The young player recognizes that the NBA is a competitive league and that transfers are part of the game, but his determination is to excel and leave an indelible mark on American basketball.

The road to success in the NBA is a long and challenging one.

With your sincere words and enthusiasm, Usman Garuba has made it clear that he is ready to face the challenge of the NBA with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Meanwhile, Real Madrid remain attentive to the movements of their former player, leaving open the possibility of a future return to their homeland. The arrival of the player to the Thunder does not mean only an opportunity for him, but also a champion of the talent that produces Spanish basketball.

His determination and can-do attitude are qualities that will undoubtedly benefit his new team and enable them to grow and develop in this elite league. Now, it remains to wait for the start of the 23/24 season to see how the Spanish player will adapt to his new situation in the NBA. Spanish basketball fans, as well as Real Madrid and Oklahoma City Thunder fans, will be attentive to his performance and evolution on the court.

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