Home World User satisfaction is lower when buying in marketplaces (according to the OCU)

User satisfaction is lower when buying in marketplaces (according to the OCU)

User satisfaction is lower when buying in marketplaces (according to the OCU)

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) You already know who are the online stores most loved by users and the most hated. Among the most beloved stores is Madrid Hi-fi, Apple or Nesspreso.

The OCU has carried out a study of more than 31,500 shopping experiences carried out between July 2020 and June 2021 to know the level of satisfaction that users have with the main online stores. They are not asked for the purchase of services, such as trips, tickets, tickets, etc. In the questionnaire they find questions related to the ease of use of the page, the variety of products it offers, the quality of the photos and the description, the price level … which is, in the opinion of its users, the best page for to buy online?

Best online stores

According to the study the 28% of purchases are concentrated in Amazon, which makes it the undisputed leader in e-commerce in Spain for another year (although this does not mean that it is the best store). The next store is the Chinese website AliExpress, which registers 9% of the purchases of the respondents and in third position El Corte Inglés, with 6%.

Although these websites are the ones that have the most sales, except for Amazon, they are not among the best. The list of the websites that have turned out to be the most satisfactory when buying for Spanish consumers are: Madrid-Hifi, Apple, Nespresso, Perfumes Club and Cartucho.es.

The results are generally good: 70% of the shopping experiences were very satisfactory for only 5% in which the buyer was very dissatisfied.

Marketplaces get the worst grade

AliExpress is one of the stores with the highest sales, but it is also on the list of stores that produce the least satisfaction to consumers. Other websites that are on the list are Tiendaazul.com, Wish.com and Banggood.com.

According to the evaluations collected by the OCU, in general user satisfaction is lower when buying in marketplaces and the problems are somewhat more frequent, although they appreciate the wide assortment they find in them and the good prices.

Among the most common problems reported by users are the delivery delay (sometimes more than 1 month) or delivery times too long. However, there are other more serious problems such as encountering a product damaged or does not look like the description on the page.

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