Use of toxic metal ingredients in chocolates


Chocolates are popular with children and adults alike around the world. Chocolate is found in ice cream, cakes, pastries, puddings and candies. It is made from cocoa beans, sugar and milk.

But a recent study found that these chocolate bars contain toxic metals that can cause a number of health problems.

In this regard, the report of Consumer Reports, a social organization that takes care of the rights of consumers in the United States, states that it has been revealed in the chocolate bars of famous companies that all these bars contain elements called lead and cadmium. .

Consumer Reports urges chocolate manufacturers to reduce lead and cadmium levels in their dark chocolate products by February 14, Valentine’s Day.

A foreign news agency According to the report Consumer Reports has written to Hershey’s Company, Mondelez International Inc., Theo Chocolate and Trader Joe’s.

These letters state that consumption of harmful metals can cause nervous system problems, immune system and kidney damage in those who eat it.

According to Consumer Reports, there are more concerns about the risks of these diseases to pregnant women and young children.

According to the sources, no response statement has been issued by the chocolate manufacturing companies to these letters.

It should be noted that last month, experts at Consumer Reports tested 28 chocolate bars of famous companies in a laboratory, in which it was revealed that all these bars contained elements called lead and cadmium.