Usain Bolt: Records are there to be broken and I hope my children do

“Records are destined to be broken,” the fastest man in history, Usain Bolt, world record holder in the 100 and 200 meters, said in an interview with EFE, who trusts that his own children will surpass his marks.

The Jamaican athlete, a nine-time Olympic gold medalist, told EFE during a visit to Mexico City that he does not expect his records to be improved any time soon, but stressed that it will come at some point.

“Not anytime soon (my marks will be broken). I believe that records are destined to be broken. So I think over time it will happen. Hopefully it will be one of my children. He would be great for me as an athlete, ”he stressed.


From 2008 to 2016, Bolt broke all possible records at the Olympic Games, including his own, winning nine gold medals from Beijing in 2008 to Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

He holds the Olympic records of 100 meters (9.63 seconds), 200 (19.30) and the 4×100 relay (37.10) with the Jamaican team, and won 11 gold medals at the World Cups in Berlin 2009, Daegu (South Korea) 2011, Moscow 2013 and Beijing 2015.

In these participations he established the world records of the hectometre (9.58 seconds), the 200 meters (19.19) and the 4×100 relay (37.04).


For these feats, Bolt is considered the fastest man on Earth, as well as the greatest sprinter of all time, which has led him to bear the acronym “GOAT (Greatest Of All Time; the greatest of all time). )”.

“I enjoy this title (the fastest man in the world). So it’s a wonderful feeling, so great. I am the fastest man and I can beat everyone,” he noted.

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The athlete and also an artist refused to be a born talent and assured that his successes, records and triumphs are due to his determination.

In this sense, he encouraged future generations to have the necessary dedication to achieve their goals and face any adversity around them.

“I was just determined. Dedicate yourself to your job and I understand that it is not easy to be, you just have to have determination and push no matter what is happening, ”he said.


Bolt also spoke about the Mexican scenario, where, given insufficient official support, athletes have to get the resources to finance their trips to competitions and even the salaries of their coaches and other necessary staff on their team.

The former Olympic champion said that the private sector has played a very important role, which he considered good for the country’s development.

He stated that government support is necessary, for which reason he mentioned that there must be more pressure on the Mexican athletics federation to promote the financing of athletes, while other actors can support the solvency of athletes.


In the midst of his recent appointment as “Chief Sprint Officer” of the Mexican provider of Information Technology and cloud services, Kio, Bolt assured that the private sector can be a way to bring people closer to sports.

In his new role, he pointed out that his main mission will be to help spread knowledge as quickly as possible.

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