Microsoft has been trying to force users to switch to their own Edge web browser for some time. Several users in the United States are now not so happy with a new feature, which has very little to do with an Internet browser. This is an installment payment option that is currently only available in the US.

“Buy now, pay later” is entered in a blog post for the stable version of Edge 96 and it is a function that allows you to pay for purchases from $ 35 to $ 1,000 in four installments. This option would lower the barrier for customers to make more expensive purchases. BNPL can be found in the pop-up window to auto-fill the payment details and in the field for the payment method. One response indicates that there is no mention of a US $ 4 fee for the Zip provider, out of an amount of $ 35 which is 11 percent of the total amount.

Reactions are almost completely negative about the ad, pointing out that the feature shouldn’t be built into a browser, at best as an optional extension. Terms like blatant money grabbing and bloatware are mentioned and many comments ask Microsoft to reverse the decision. It is not known if and when a similar option will arrive in Europe and Benelux.

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