US to help Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets

The US will help Ukraine to provide all modern fighter jets including F-16 fighter jets. The United States will also provide training for Ukrainian pilots to operate these warplanes. News: BBC‘R.

For the past few months, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been asking for fighter jets. He said, “If the decision is taken, our forces will be greatly strengthened in the air.”

A senior White House official said that President Joe Biden informed the leaders of the ongoing G-7 summit in Japan.

Any country can now export F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine because of US approval.

The United States is the manufacturer of F-16 fighter jets. The official of the White House said, “To strengthen the Ukrainian Air Force, we will support the joint initiative of our partners and allied countries to provide modern fighter jets, including F-16, and to train Ukrainian pilots to operate these aircraft.”

The US official also said, ‘This training will begin in the coming few months. Our allies will decide when to give these warplanes, how many will be given and which countries will give them.

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