US statement on Haqqani family violates agreement: Taliban

A Taliban spokesman said the inclusion of Haqqani family members in the US blacklist violated the Doha agreement.

A Taliban spokesman said in a statement on Thursday that the Haqqani network was part of the Islamic Emirate and had no separate identity or organization.

According to the statement, the inclusion of the Haqqani family in the list of US targets violates the Doha Agreement, which stipulates that all Taliban officials will be removed from the US and UN blacklists. Is also intact.

According to the spokesman, the United States is trying to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs with such provocative statements, which is reprehensible.

It should be noted that 14 of the 27 members of the Taliban cabinet are on the UN Security Council’s list of global wanted persons.

In addition to the UN blacklist, the FBI has increased the reward for information leading to the capture of Taliban Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani from 50 5 million to کروڑ 10 million.


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