US Spy Satellite: America has left another spy satellite amidst the looming threats of World War III, know how it will monitor

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US Spy Satellite


  • China, North Korea and Russia under tension over US satellite launch
  • America to monitor war preparedness around the world
  • Hundreds of US spy satellites spying on different countries from the sky

US Spy Satellite: The way the war is going on between different countries and the war-like situation continues between many countries, seeing that the possibility of third world war is increasing. Many countries have already started preparations for the third world war. In such a situation, Super Power America has troubled everyone by leaving another spy satellite in space. Russia, China and North Korea are the most tensed by this US mission. Will America monitor different countries of the world with this spy satellite? By the way, America has many such spy satellites even before this, which keep monitoring various countries continuously.

Recently, a similar satellite of America has exposed the preparation of North Korea’s destructive war at sea, which has caused a stir in the whole world. The US has captured North Korea’s dangerous plans and preparations underwater in pictures taken from the sea through spy satellites. Experts say that America is increasing its surveillance capability amid the dangers of World War III. So now a new spy satellite NROL-91 has been launched.

satellite released from california

The US has successfully launched a new spy satellite named NROL-91 on September 24 at 3.25 pm. It was launched from Vandenberg Space Force in Santa Barbara County, California. The satellite, classified for the US National Reconnaissance Office, was launched into orbit on Saturday aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta-4 Heavy rocket. This was the last Delta-4 launch from the west coast. Additional launches are planned from Florida before Delta is replaced by ULA’s next-generation Vulcan Center rockets.

US spy satellite makes 387th flight

The Delta IV Heavy configuration was first launched in December 2004. It was the Delta rocket’s 387th flight since 1960 and the 95th and final launch from Vandenberg. The National Reconnaissance Office is the government agency in charge of developing, manufacturing, launching and maintaining US spy satellites that provide intelligence data to policymakers, the intelligence community, and the Department of Defense. It provides important secret information to America while monitoring different countries of the world.

How spy satellites work

These are optical image reconnaissance satellites. These include a charge coupled device (CCD). Through this, they take a clear picture of different places of the earth from a height of hundreds of kilometers. Many of America’s satellites are so powerful that they even capture the activities going on land and underwater in their cameras.

Keeping an eye on China and North Korea

Although America keeps monitoring any country in the world with its spy satellites, but this time it will keep a close watch on Russia, including China and North Korea, especially with this satellite. Because America is most at risk from these countries. The way the war of words is going on between the US and China on the Taiwan issue, China is preparing for its war. Similarly, Russia has also made its preparations for the nuclear attack on Ukraine. On the other hand, North Korea is also engaged in dangerous weapons trials. He is preparing for war from land to under sea. In such a situation, America has left this satellite for the purpose of intensifying the surveillance of all countries.

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