US soldiers not vaccinated against Covid-19 discharged from the army

The US Army announced on Wednesday that it would begin sending soldiers who refuse to be vaccinated against Covid-19 back to civilian life. The US Navy had made a similar decision three months earlier.

“Unvaccinated soldiers pose a risk to our armed forces and compromise our level of readiness,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said in a statement. “We will begin the process of dismissing soldiers who refuse compulsory vaccination and who are not awaiting a final decision on a possible exemption. »

More than 400 Sailors and Marines dismissed

More than 3,000 soldiers could thus be returned to civilian life out of the 482,000 in active service with the Army at the end of 2021. On January 26, six high-ranking officers were dismissed from their posts for having refused to impose the Covid vaccine to their subordinates. More than 3,000 soldiers received a written “reprimand” for refusing to be vaccinated.

The US Navy made the same decision for its sailors in mid-October. She announced on Wednesday that she had already dismissed 118 and the Marine Corps, placed under the authority of the Navy, has expelled more than 300. More than 5,000 American sailors are still not vaccinated and therefore risk expulsion, a said the US Navy in a press release.

Of all the branches of the American military, the Navy is the one that has taken the strongest measures against Covid-19, because of the danger posed by the promiscuity aboard warships, especially submarines. According to the Pentagon, 97% of the approximately 1.4 million US service members on active duty have received at least one dose.

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