US: Senators Ask Biden to Expedite Aid to Haiti

A group of US senators asked the president of that country, Joe Biden, to expedite the measures to alleviate the crisis that Haiti is going through, through the appointment of an ambassador to that nation, or failing that, a high-level diplomatic representative.

The letter, signed by seven legislators, highlights the fact that the United States embassy in Haiti has lacked an ambassador for more than a year, stressing the need to fill this vacancy as soon as possible, in order to mobilize a international response to help the Haitian people.

They also affirmed that the violence in the Caribbean country is “out of control”, representing this situation a “direct and growing threat to the national interests” of the North American nation.

‚ÄúViolence in Haiti has spiraled out of control, with reports of serious and widespread abuses against the civilian population. The gangs control more than half of the capital, Port-au-Prince. They execute, dismember and burn civilians, including women and children as young as one year old,” read part of the aforementioned document.

They also indicated that the prevalence of criminal gangs has caused a collapse in Haitian institutions.

They also lamented the food crisis affecting that population, stating that one in two Haitians suffers from acute food insecurity, stating that the increase in food prices limits the ability of Haitians to buy, sell or produce them.

“We thank you for your administration’s support of the Haitian people and look forward to deepening our cooperation on this matter,” the letter concluded.

Possible increase in Haitian emigration

One of the future fears raised by the senators is that the level of violence in Haiti will cause an increase in emigration of its nationals, thus complicating US efforts to address the regional refugee crisis.

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The signatories

The senators who signed the letter are Robert Menendez, Cory Booker, Tim Kaine, Raphael Warnock, Richard Durbin, Benjamin Cardin, and Chuck Schumer, the latter being the Majority Leader of the United States Senate.

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