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US reunites 100 separated families on Mexican border

US reunites 100 separated families on Mexican border

Arrests of undocumented migrants at the southern border of the United States have reached record highs in recent years. The United States has, however, reunited 100 immigrant families who had been separated during their illegal crossing of the border from Mexico, the US government announced Thursday evening. Our teams “reunited this week the family n ° 100 separated under the cruel policy of the previous administration”, indicated on
Twitter Homeland Security Secretary (DHS) Alejandro Mayorkas.

And to specify in another tweet that these families obtained on a humanitarian basis the possibility of “living and working in the United States”.

More than 300 other children still separated from their families

Trump’s 2018 directives under a “zero tolerance” policy were suspended after three months in the face of public outcry, but for thousands of children already separated, the damage was done. The services of Alejandro Mayorkas, in collaboration with other partners, were thus able to identify and register 345 other children still separated from their families.

Under the Trump administration, at least 4,000 minors were separated from their families at the Mexican border, according to Security Department figures and 5,500, according to court documents. During his electoral campaign, Democratic President Joe Biden had promised a “just and humane” immigration policy, leading him last January to break with the policies of his Republican predecessor. The Biden administration has signaled its intention to tackle “the root causes” of immigration: extreme poverty, violence, corruption and climate change.

Last week, the United States abandoned negotiations for financial compensation for separated families who took legal action. The government has not reached any agreement with the lawyers of the families while leaving a door open to this possibility for the future.

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