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US refrains from commenting on Pakistani PM’s visit to Russia

Photo: AFP

US State Department spokesman Ned Price declined to comment on Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Russia.

Speaking at a press conference in Washington, State Department spokesman Ned Price said he could not comment on the timing of Imran Khan’s visit.

The spokesman said in a statement that it was the responsibility of each country to speak out against Putin’s views on Ukraine, adding that Pakistan had been told what the US strategy would be in the event of a possible attack on Ukraine.

Ned Price clarified that the United States has a long-standing relationship and partnership with Pakistan, and hopes that Pak-US common interests regarding Russia will be taken into account.

It should be noted that Russia has launched military operations in the separatist eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in the morning of February 24, on which the United States and Western countries have sharply criticized Russia.

A day earlier, on Wednesday, February 23, Prime Minister Imran Khan also arrived in Russia on an official visit to discuss economic cooperation and other issues.

The two countries will also discuss the current situation in Afghanistan and security in the region.

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