US presidential candidate accepts BTC for campaign donations

Robert Kennedy Jr., one of the presidential candidates for the United States, has already appeared in the Bitcoin news earlier this month as he expressed his support for Bitcoin (BTC) in a statement at the time. thread on Twitter. While he opposes Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), he stated that Bitcoin is a major driver of innovation.

The largest Bitcoin conference in the world is currently taking place in Miami and Joe Biden’s potential successor has already arrived here his first public appearance as a candidate.

Bitcoin donations via Lightning Network

By attending the event, Kennedy Jr. not only focuses on recruiting voters, but it is also a potential source of millions of dollars in donations.

During the conference, John F. Kennedy’s cousin, the 35e president of the US, a first: his presidential campaign will be the first in history to accept BTC donations via the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The Lightning Network is an extra layer on top of the Bitcoin blockchain that solves scalability issues. This layer-2 enables lightning-fast and virtually free transactions, which is of course a great advantage for small donations.

Also, the Bitcoin proponent clarified that he has not personally invested in BTC.

Support for Bitcoin

Since the beginning of the month, Kennedy has publicly expressed his support for Bitcoin, acknowledging its separation from other cryptocurrencies and indicating that lawmakers should support rather than hinder its development. For example, the Biden administration has introduced a bill to increase the tax for bitcoin and crypto miners to 30 percent.

On stage, he reinforced his aversion to such regulation and outlined the steps his administration would take to drive Bitcoin innovation in the US:

”First, I’ll put it right on self custody of bitcoin and other digital assets. Second, I will maintain the right to have a home node to run. Third, I will defend use-neutral, industry-neutral regulation of energy. Fourth, I will make the US the global hub of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue.”

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