Home World US: Newly downed objects could be “benign”

US: Newly downed objects could be “benign”

EEUU: Objetos recién derribados podrían ser “benignos”

The three as-yet-unidentified aerial objects shot down by the United States in recent days likely had a “benign purpose,” the White House acknowledged Tuesday, drawing a distinction between those objects and the huge Chinese balloon that earlier flew through the United States, allegedly for military purposes. espionage.

“The intelligence community is looking at the leading hypothesis that these are simply balloons linked to some commercial or benign purpose,” White House national security spokesman John Kirby said.

Officials also revealed that a missile launched at one of the objects, the one flying over Lake Huron on Sunday, missed its target and fell into the water before a second missile successfully hit.

The information has been made public at a time when the measures adopted by the Biden government in the last two weeks are subject to new scrutiny in Congress.

First, US warplanes did not shoot down what officials described as a Chinese spy balloon until after it had crossed much of the United States, citing security concerns. The military then deployed F-22 fighters equipped with thermal missiles to quickly shoot down what were likely harmless objects.

Taken together, the moves raised both political and security questions about whether the Biden administration overreacted after coming under fire from Republicans for reacting too slowly to the huge balloon.

Even as more information about the three objects emerges, questions remain about what they were, who sent them, and how the United States might respond to unidentified aerial objects in the future.

Questions remain about the initial balloon, such as what spy capabilities it had and whether it transmitted signals while flying over sensitive US military areas. According to US intelligence services, it was originally headed towards the US territory of Guam, a US official said.

The United States monitored him for several days after he left China, said the official, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive information. Apparently, he deviated from his initial trajectory and ended up flying over the continental United States.

Balloons and other unidentified objects have already been sighted over Guam, a strategic site for the US Navy and Air Force in the western Pacific.

It is currently unclear how much control China had over the globe once it deviated from its original trajectory. A second US official noted that the balloon could have been externally maneuvered to hover over a specific target, but it is unclear whether Chinese forces did so.

Even less is known about the three objects shot down in three consecutive days, from Friday to Sunday, in part because the remains have been difficult to recover in remote places in the Canadian Yukon region, around northern Alaska and near the peninsula. Upper Michigan, on Lake Huron. At the moment, the authorities have no indication that they were part of a larger espionage operation along with the balloon that was shot down in waters near South Carolina on February 4.

“We don’t see anything right now that points to them being part of the PRC’s spy balloon program,” Kirby told reporters, referring to the PRC. It is also not certain that the objects conducted “intelligence gathering against the United States of any kind, that is what the evidence now shows.”

No country or private company has come forward to claim any of the objects, Kirby said. They do not appear to have been operated by the US government.

Kirby had hinted on Monday that the three objects differed substantially from the Chinese spy balloon, including in their size. And his comments on Tuesday marked a clear attempt by the White House to draw a line between the globe, which officials believe was part of a Chinese military program that has operated on multiple continents, and objects the government thinks could be simply part of some research or commercial campaign.

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