US massacres innocent people in Syria, New York Times blasts –

Washington – Dozens of people have been killed in drone strikes by US forces on civilians in Syria, which the then-government has denied publication.

In this regard, the American newspaper “New York Times” has revealed that the United States deliberately covered up the killings of civilians and unarmed civilians in Syria.

Raqqa, Syria, endured withering coalition airstrikes and fighting between the Islamic State and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

New York Times The Associated Press reported on Saturday that it had spent months gathering details of the attacks. The newspaper said that in addition to obtaining information from secret documents, it also interviewed military personnel directly involved in the attacks.

According to the newspaper report, a US warplane carried out a series of drone strikes near the town of Baghoz in March 2019.

A member of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces assists a group of people leaving Baghuz, Syria - the last Islamic State-controlled area - in March 2019.

The report said the warplane dropped a bomb on a large gathering of women and children sheltering by a river. More bombs were dropped on survivors, the report said.

The report added that more than 80 people were killed in the attacks. Most of them were reportedly innocent civilians.

A Syrian Democratic Forces soldier at the Baghuz camp one day after the American-led coalition announced the defeat of the Islamic State caliphate.

The newspaper also reported that someone in the military had called for an investigation into the incident, saying that the airstrikes could be a war crime. Was


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