US intelligence services point to flaw in Ukraine’s counteroffensive

As the war progresses and Ukraine falters in the counter-offensive to retake the invaded territory RussiaIn the USA there is some criticism. After sending billions of dollars to Kiev, the results are not as expected. A US intelligence report quoted by the Washington Post said the Ukrainian offensive failed to achieve its stated goal of capturing the city Melitopol. Ukraine tried to isolate Crimea of the Russian army in the south of the country while attacking at the same time Bridge across the Kerch Strait Connect Russia to Crimea. So far, the attacks have failed to destroy the bridge, which was the main target of this year’s offensive. This bridge is a key route to ensure supplies to the peninsula illegally annexed by Moscow in 2014.

This is one of the criticisms leveled at Ukraine in the US It has too many troops, including some of its best fighting units, in the wrong places. This is explained by US and Western officials, quoted by The New York Times, who state that Ukrainian commanders have divided troops and firepower evenly between the east and south of the country, a reason that would partially explain why the Ukraine can not curb Russian supplies lines in the south.

The Russian defense of the conquered soil is showing good results so far, according to the US intelligence report, a defense of minefields and trenches. This makes it difficult for Ukrainian troops to take Melitopol, which is crucial for the counteroffensive as it lies at the junction of two important highways and a railway line, allowing Russia to transfer personnel and military equipment from the peninsula to other occupied areas in to relocate to southern Ukraine. explains the Washington Post.

US military analysts advise Ukrainian commanders to use maximum forces on the front towards Melitopol and break through Russian minefields, even if the price for Ukrainian forces is more soldiers and equipment. Currently, the key battle is taking place in the city robotyne, taken a few days ago from Ukraine, which is more than 80 kilometers from Melitopol. in robotyne The Ukrainians deployed their best-trained strategic reserve forces, including the Ukrainian 82nd Airborne Division.

In this battle, Ukraine employs much of the Western equipment British Challenger II tanksInfantry Fighting Vehicles marten German, American Armored Stryker, Infantry Fighting Vehicles bradley and other mine-resistant (MRAP).

Another of the difficulties encountered is that lack of personnel to combat and replace its strategic reserves. Many young people fled the country to avoid recruitment. President Volodymyr Zelenskyj He had to sack recruiting chiefs from across the country a few days ago after exposing a scheme to bribe Ukrainians to avoid war. There is even talk of recruiting men over 40 to serve at the front.

In an article in Weapons and Strategy Stephen Bryen, Fellow at the Center for Security Policy and the Yorktown Institute, assured that Russia is preparing to launch an offensive and has gathered around 100,000 troops in north-eastern Ukraine, which could soon be deployed. The process is underway, he explains, although it’s not clear where full-scale operations will begin. Some speculate that it could be Kharkiv, the country’s second largest city. “However, the Russian army has other options: it could try to encircle Ukraine’s main army from the north and south as soon as the Ukrainian offensive is over. That would endanger the country and could trigger an existential crisis in Kiev,” says Bryan.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Gen Mark Milley, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staffexpected that “this offensive would take place It would take a long time, it would get bloody, and it would be slow. And that’s what it is: long, bloody and slow, and it’s a very complicated fight.”

Defense analysts remind that unlike Ukraine There is no staff shortage in Russia and their war industry is now running 24/7 and appears to be producing the necessary equipment for war. Meanwhile, in the US and Europe, Bryen adds, there is “a serious shortage of skilled workers” and significant supply chain issues.

Upheaval in the US Congress

The US press is repeating allegations made by some congressmen at closed-door sessions in the Capitol. Some Republicans are dismissing President Biden’s call for an additional $20.6 billion in aid to be sent to Ukraine given the offensive’s poor results. Other Republicans, and to a lesser extent some Democrats, have blamed the administration for not sending more powerful weapons to Ukraine sooner.

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