US Department of Justice sues Google

The United States Department of Justice, along with eleven state attorneys general, has launched a lawsuit against tech giant Google. This time, in the realm of the searches.

This is how the text starts:

Today, the Department of Justice files a civil antitrust lawsuit in the District Court of USA for the District of Columbia to prevent Google from illegally maintaining monopolies by anti-competitive and exclusionary practices in search and search advertising markets and to remedy competitive damages.

Google and its dominant position in search

As has already happened in similar cases, it could pose a potentially lengthy legal battle similar to the one involved in the trial of Microsoft. This lawsuit stands out as the biggest attack in recent times by US government regulators against a technology company.

For years, it has been many experts and legislators who have accused Google abuse of its position in the field of online searches. To get to this point, the authoritiesdes have thoroughly investigated, both at home and abroad, on the practices of technology firms.

Previously, the fines imposed on the company, for many were not enough. An example was in 2018, the European Union reported that Google had to pay a fine of 4.34 billion euros for abuse of a dominant position that it carried out through Android.

Thus, in the lawsuit imposed by the Federal Court of Washington DC, Google’s abuse of dominant position in searches stands out. Also, how the money that the company obtains through advertisers is used to pay mobile phone manufacturers. And so, setting the default to Google search engine in the browsers of those mobiles.

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