The United States market is considered the least competitive of Amazon, despite having the largest number of sellers. But why this?

Marketplace Pulse conducted research on the United States market and the results showed that Every active Amazon seller in the US receives more traffic than sellers in smaller markets. This means that smaller markets, having fewer buyers, also have fewer sellers.

Source: Marketplace Pulse

The three most important Amazon markets are United States, Japan and Germany. Then they are Turkey and Brazil, these markets being smaller and, therefore, with a smaller number of sellers. Below is Europe, (Spain, France and Italy) have many sellers, but few buyers. Regarding the countries most competitive are Singapore, the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland. The market in these countries was recently launched, which is why they are more competitive, since they want to have the largest number of buyers and sellers.

USA the main market for Amazon

The Amazon market in the US has a point in its favor and that is that it is not crowded as is the case in other markets. It is a destination of massive purchases, but competition is normal.

What differentiates it from other markets, such as Walmart and Target, is that the Amazon market in the United States can control all traffic, it also carries out transactions of more than half of the total GMV.