US blames North Korea for supplying ammunition to Russia

Washington: US National Security Spokesman John Kirby has strongly criticized North Korea and Russia, saying that North Korea is secretly providing ammunition to Russia.

International news agency According to the report John Kirby said on the nexus of the two countries that North Korea and Russia are responsible for the destruction in Ukraine.

He also claimed that North Korea was supplying large quantities of ammunition to Russia under the guise of shipments to the Middle East and Africa. We are monitoring this entire route all the time.

In response to a question asked by journalists, the US national security spokesman said that he could not confirm whether Russia had received the ammunition or not.

On the other hand, Russia has neither confirmed this American allegation nor issued any kind of rebuttal statement.

It should be noted that earlier the US accused Iran of supplying Russia with suicide bomber drones which were also used in Ukraine. The US had also shared pictures of the wreckage of the drones

It should be remembered that in June of this year, North Korea tested an artillery shell which was apparently launched in the direction of the sea. According to South Korea’s military, the test was conducted a few days after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced plans to increase defense capabilities to protect the country from external threats.

In March, North Korea also tested an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the United States, in violation of a 2018 ban on major missile tests, according to Reuters.

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Some experts say North Korea will likely use the test to install warhead nuclear weapons, aimed at targets in South Korea.

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