US approves 77 778 billion defense budget, increases military salaries

WASHINGTON: Progressive Democrats have criticized US President Joe Biden for increasing his defense budget after withdrawing from Afghanistan after he signed a 77 778 billion defense budget bill for 2022.

According to US media, the US President has signed the National Defense Authorization Act on defense spending, under which the US government will spend 77 778 billion on defense in 2022.

The bill approves a 2.7 percent increase in the salaries of US military personnel and officers.

Joe Biden proposed a 74 743 billion defense budget for next year, but 77 778 billion was approved in consultation with Democrats and Republicans.

It should be noted that in the last term of former President Trump, the annual defense budget was 40 740 billion. Now, after the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the progressive Democrats have criticized President Biden for increasing the defense budget.

On the other hand, US experts have blamed tensions between Russia and the United States for increasing the defense budget.

The US defense budget includes 30 300 million for military aid to Ukraine in the event of a possible Russian attack, and ارب 4 billion for the defense of European countries.


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