US airstrikes on militant bases in Syria

The United States has carried out airstrikes on the bases of fighters associated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the facilities used by them in the Syrian region.

According to foreign media, the military’s Central Command said in a statement that such attacks are aimed at protecting US forces from attacks by Iran-backed groups. The statement cited a similar incident on August 15 in which a drone attack on a compound held by allied and US-backed Syrian opposition fighters resulted in no casualties.

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The U.S. Central Command described the attacks as a “proportionate, deliberate action aimed at limiting the risk of escalation and minimizing the risk of casualties,” but did not say whether any of them were involved. There has been loss of life. Similarly, it was not stated whether these airstrikes were carried out by jets or unmanned drones.

Col. Joe Buckino, a military spokesman, said the president had ordered the strikes.

According to the foreign news agency, the US military carried out these attacks on Tuesday when the European Union sent a draft response to the US regarding the renewal of the nuclear agreement with Iran. The EU’s proposed draft deal aims to restore the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran that was abandoned by former US President Donald Trump.

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