Uruguay will open its borders to foreigners with properties in the country from September

Uruguay will open its borders to foreigners with properties in the country from September 1st, provided they are vaccinated and PCR negative for coronavirus. The measure will also benefit the owner’s family group (spouse or partner and children), and only in the case of unvaccinated minors will they be quarantined. At a press conference, the president Luis Lacalle Pou I say that “there may be a possibility” that these minors will be vaccinated for free, but clarified that “it is a decision that has not yet been taken”.

The Uruguayan president revealed that the Council of Ministers decided allow for a wider opening of borders from November 1st, because of what It is estimated that by that date more than 75 percent of Uruguayans will have been vaccinated with two doses.. Since then, everyone will be allowed to enter the country, as long as they are vaccinated and have negative PCR, the newspaper reported. The Watcher.

Ministry of Defense Javier Garcia warned this Tuesday that the gradual opening of borders “does not mean lack of control” but it is an “opening in compliance with health protocols”. After participating in the commemoration of Martyrs’ Day of Military Aviation in Montevideo, García explained that in the case of the border with Argentina, they will have to work on two fronts.

“One, the border controls and the sanitary protocols of Argentine citizens who meet the conditions and can enter the country and the other side (…) is that the opening of the borders does not mean a blow from the commercial point of view, due to the difference in prices that we have with Argentina“said the minister, adding that his portfolio” will work with Customs to prevent this. “

Moving forward in relaxing restrictions, the uruguayan government will allow 5,000 spectators to have access to the match Peñarol will play in Montevideo against Sporting Cristal do Peru, for the South American Football Cup, next August 18th. Lacalle Pou also announced that public parties and dances will be held on the “Noite da Saudade”, on the 24th of this month, with a specific protocol that the Ministry of Public Health will release in the coming days.

The right-wing president pointed out that the decisions were taken taking into account the “exceptional situation” that the country is going through, with a sharp decrease in cases and deaths thanks to high rates of vaccination. Uruguay has accumulated 382,721 confirmed cases and 5,990 deaths from coronaviruses since the beginning of the pandemic, according to the National Emergency System (Sinae).


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