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Uruguay: Fernando Pereira wins the internship and will be the president of the Broad Front

With 61 percent of the advance of the scrutiny, it is confirmed that andunion leader Fernando Pereira will be the new president of the Broad Front (FA), the left-wing coalition that ruled Uruguay for 15 years (2005-2020). The former president of the PIT-CNT gets 67.4 percent of the votes issued in internal elections; Gonzalo Civila, general secretary of the Socialist Party, is second with 10.4 percent; and the former senator of the Popular Participation Movement, Ivonne Passada, amounts to 5.4 percent. The elections were held on December 5 and, although the vote count has not yet finished (130 thousand people participated), the partial results show an indescribable difference in favor of Pereira.

Pereira stressed that it is “an honor” that they have chosen him to occupy the position. Speaking with local media as president of the FA, he announced that he will tour the country “several times a year” to get closer to the territory. He also pointed out that the “generational renewal” of the left coalition is important and told VTV Noticias that will propose to Verónica Piñeiro so that accompany you while driving and be the vice president of the force. Piñeiro is a representative of the FA bases in Montevideo and has a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of the Republic.

FA coordinator Ricardo Ehrlich told The Daily that “the elected plenary session will be installed on February 5” and that there is no stipulated date for the inauguration of the new president. “Once the presidency is resolved, we will begin the transition work,” he warned.

Who is Fernando Pereira?

Fernando Pereira Kosec, 55, is a union leader of the Uruguayan Federation of Teachers of Primary Education Workers. Has union membership since the 80s, but came to the fore in the following decade and in 2018 he became president of the PIT-CNT, the only union of workers in Uruguay.

Pereira vindicates his Catholicism and has always been linked to the Christian left, a current of thought linked to the FA since its foundation, in 1971. “Basically, I vindicate Christian humanism and a conception of Juan Luis Segundo that penetrated a lot in those who we believe in social activism as a form of transformation of society. I am part of that very Uruguayan thing of being Christians, who send their children to public and secular school “, it was defined in an interview that he published The Daily in August.

In the last 20 years, Pereira was one of the main leaders of the Articulation union movement, in which leaders close to the moderate sectors within the FA, ex-communists and the renovating wing of the Socialist Party are active. Articulation and the union front of the Communist Party are the majority sectors within Uruguayan unionism and shared the leadership of the PIT-CNT during the 15-year cycle of Frente Amplio governments.

The candidacy for the presidency of the FA is the first prominent party activity for Pereira. One of the key figures in promoting his candidacy was former President José “Pepe” Mujica. One of the emerging leaders in the Frente Amplio renewal also worked for the Pereira campaign: the mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsi.

The mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, for her part, accompanied the candidacy of the socialist Gonzalo Civila. Orsi and Cosse are two of the alternatives that the FA manages for the presidential elections of 2024. Pereira has ruled out that possibility for now and promised to complete his term, which would end in 2025.

The elections in the FA were held on December 5, but the count only began on the 13th. In total, 129,923 votes were registered. In the bid for the national plenary session, the Popular Participation Movement (of former President José Mujica) and the Communist Party appear very close together, with 22.9 percent and 22.8 percent respectively.

In some sectors of the coalition there is rush to appoint the new authorities to put all the forces in the referendum of March 27, in which they will be discussed 135 articles of the Urgent Consideration Law (LUC), axis of the management of President Luis Lacalle Pou, who in general proposes an economic adjustment and a more active institutional repression.

Hours after the police intervened in a union protest at the entrances to the Port of Montevideo to enable free vehicular traffic, Lacalle Pou assured in an interview with Telenoche that it is “a law that generates freedoms” and reiterated that it is “willing to defend the contested articles “.

Despite losing the 2019 elections in a second round to a coalition of right and center-right parties, the FA is the political force with the largest number of votes. In those elections he obtained 39 percent of the intention to vote, has 13 of the 30 senators and 42 of the 99 deputies nationwide.


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