In Vigo, in the northwest of Spain, relieving yourself on the beach can be expensive. On June 15, the municipality published a new regulation. Anyone caught urinating on the sand or in the ocean will be fined 750 euros, local TV reports Antenna 3 relayed by West France.

“Physiological evacuation at sea or on the beach” is not authorized, can we read in the municipal ordinance. The town hall did not indicate how it intended to identify and verbalize the offenders. It is indeed difficult to surprise those who urinate in the sea… This initiative is therefore certainly intended to dissuade holidaymakers.

Reservation of deckchairs prohibited

Where there are no permanent toilets, Vigo has promised to install them, at least temporarily during the tourist season.

This measure is part of other restrictions voted by the City Council to preserve the seaside. The use of soap or any other hygiene product is prohibited in the water. It is forbidden to throw away rubbish and to grill, because of the risk of fire.

Vigo has also decided to fight against the abusive reservation of deckchairs. It will no longer be possible to drop off your towel to reserve one. Those who are caught in this annoying little game are liable to a fine of 30 euros.


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