Uribe: Haiti needs support from the international community

The former president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe, said that he hopes that the support that the international community has given to Haiti will help it come out of the socio-economic crisis that has intensified in recent months.

In an interview for Listín Diario, Uribe, who was president of Colombia twice (2002-2010), indicated that security should be a democratic value.

Uribe was visiting the country as part of the Regional Meeting on Technology, Politics and Economy: Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Here are the questions and answers:

Q- What reflection do you make on the turn to the left that Latin America has had, as in the case of Chile, Argentina and Colombia?

R- I think that the disapproval in Chile gave a great opportunity for there to be a government more similar to social democracy than to 21st century socialism. European social democracy is not destructive, 21st century socialism in Latin America is.

For example, the election just happened in Italy with Giorgia Meloni. First they stigmatized it a lot from the extreme right, then they understood it and moderated it, and I think there is a very good thing in Europe, a trace of what arises that they call right there or others who are from the left are finally equidistant from the center.

If Latin American governments were nuanced and not destructive. it would look fine to me.

I deeply believe, as I said here, in security as a democratic value, a source of resources in its expression of physical, legal and political security.

And in a large, small, medium, large private company that has the result of making social policies sustainable, but when the private company is frightened, there comes a time when resources run out and instead of reducing poverty those governments achieve what they achieve it is to increase it as it was lived in Venezuela, hopefully the disapproval of Chile would serve to make some adjustments without affecting democracy. The disapproval of Chile showed that democracy does not have bar adjustments, but it does require adjustments.

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Let’s see about Colombia, you know how I have proceeded and we hope… I always maintain confidence in the great Colombian democracy.

Q- What measures would you recommend to be taken in Haiti during this crisis?

A- I am not able to refer to the government issue in Haiti.

It seems to me that the international community has not denied support to Haiti. Hopefully the support, the guidance, the financial support and the political support will help Haiti get ahead.

Q- How do you understand that relations between Colombia and Venezuela should be, regarding the reopening of the border between both countries?

A- Colombia, for example, I am talking about the government in which I presided over never closed the border. We claim for the presence authorized by the Venezuelan government of Colombian terrorist groups in Venezuela and there is also something that transcends, the principle of free autonomy of the peoples, which is democratic co-responsibility.

The Charter of the Americas not only requires the signatory countries to comply with internal democratic precepts, but also to demand that the others comply.

What was our criticism: Why do they tolerate drug-trafficking terrorism in Venezuela, why do they violate democratic principles, whose obligation emanates from the Charter of the Americas.

And yes, I want to leave this reflection through you, from the Listín Diario, Venezuela ended with private enterprise, with freedoms and poverty jumped from 40 to more than 90 and today they want to return to private enterprise and are inviting companies to that they take back their old properties and others to sow one thing and the other. Could it be that this works in a regime with terrorists who want to imitate China? So what will happen to freedoms and tolerance to terrorism?

In short, they lost 24 years, they failed and now they want to try to return to private enterprise, but are there the conditions?

One would not know. The best conditions for private enterprise rest on respect for democratic principles.

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