Uriarte and Muniain stage the 100 days before the start of the Tour in San Mamés

With just 100 days to go before the 2023 Tour de France starts on July 1 from the San Mamés stadium, the president, Jon Uriarte, and the captain, Iker Muniain, have immortalized the moment of the countdown from the same place together with the director of the gala round, Christian Prudhomme and the stadium illuminated in yellow with the logo of the race.

Athletic has participated together with representatives of the Bilbao City Council, Provincial Council and a delegation from the Tour headed by its director in the event that was held this Wednesday with entertainment in the Bilbao evening. The institutional delegation has arrived at the esplanade of La Catedral, where they have been received by Uriarte, and the captains of Athletic, Iker Muniain, and the Femenino, Garazi Murua. Uriarte has presented Christian Prudhomme with a rojiblanco commemorative jersey for the 125th anniversary.

The act had been preceded by the town hall. Juan Mari AburtoMayor of Bilbao, Bingen Zubiria, Minister of Culture, Elixabete Etxanobe, Provincial Deputy for Public Administration, and Prudhomme they activated the button of the clock for the countdown of the remaining days with 100 on the scoreboard in the consistory. The Town Hall and the Aznar building were also illuminated in yellow, with a jersey characteristic of the gala round. The procession left for San Mamés, with a stop at the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, on the Gran Vía, also illuminated in yellow.

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