Urges to promote clean and cheap energy consumption

The geologist Osiris de León urged the Government to continue supporting the private sector for the conversion of its electricity generation units that work with petroleum derivatives, so that from now on all these generation units operate with natural gas, since natural gas is a cleaner, more environmentally friendly and much cheaper energy.

He understands that in this way it is possible to “continue to overcome the erratic energy management of the past and meet the global objectives of reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions”.

He positively valued the operations of the Gasoducto del Este and the ENERGAS company, the latter owner of a plant made up of three turbines with power of 100MW each, and which operate with natural gas, as well as Quisqueya I and Quisqueya II, which It has allowed us to greatly reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and bring us closer as a nation to the goal to which the country has committed at the Summits of the Parties (COP) of reducing its carbon dioxide emissions to help curb global warming .

“That is why plants such as ENERGAS, Quisqueya I and Quisqueya II, which between the three add up to about 730 megawatts, are an ideal solution for a society like the Dominican one, because they replace old fuels that provided greater volumes of carbon dioxide and now use natural gas” , said.

The geologist explained that given the positive results that the Dominican society is having with the conversion of power plants that are currently using natural gas with excellent results in terms of costs and benefits to the environment, “we must suggest to the State Dominican Republic, as well as the private sector, make investments to transform all those plants of the thermal system that to date have not been transformed so that they will be using natural gas in the future”.

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Osiris de León maintained that the annual reduction of greenhouse gases in the operations of the natural gas power plants of the ENERGAS company is of the order of 265 thousand tons of CO2, and if the operations of the Quisqueya power plants are added to this I and Quisqueya II, which have also been transformed to operate with natural gas and each one saves close to 245 thousand tons of CO2 per year.

The geologist acknowledged that the country has made significant progress in energy matters by converting several plants that previously operated with liquid fuels and now operate with natural gas, while valuing the years of work, the enormous effort and the high economic investments made by the companies that introduced modifications in their power plants to be able to operate with natural gas, since they make a strategic contribution to the country’s economy and lower the costs of energy received by consumers.

He added that natural gas is used as it is extracted, that is, it does not require any transformation process as required by propane or butane gas.

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