Urgent summit by Lukaku

It is the story of the week in Stamford Bridge. Three weeks ago, Romelu Lukaku gave an interview that Sky Italia broadcast in two parts, Thursday and Friday. To close the year, and just before a crucial duel in the course of the course, Sunday against Liverpool. In it, the Belgian footballer claimed to be uncomfortable with Thomas Tuchel’s system. The Belgian valued a new departure from Chelsea and regretted his departure from Inter from Milan last summer.

The German coach has already given his opinion to the media about the aforementioned interview. And before receiving Liverpool, he decided to leave Lukaku out of the call.. Despite the importance of the game, despite the importance of the player. After the duel, Tuchel claimed to have done so as a precaution, rather than punishment. On Monday there will be a meeting in which the future of the forward will be decided. Maybe, announced the Chelsea manager, return to the team on Wednesday for the first leg of the League Cup semi-final against Tottenham Hotspur.

“It is not the first time that an interview causes a noise that we do not need,” explained Tuchel about the decision to leave Lukaku out of the call. “I don’t feel personally attacked, but it was the news that got too big on Saturday. There was too much noise and we lost concentration in the game.. So we decided to delay the process and protect Romelu from any hasty decision because we need to read the entire interview, stay calm and not lose our minds. “

“It was simply a decision to protect the preparation for the match. Tomorrow (Monday) we will decide.” He announced before the microphones of the press. “We have a meeting, we will inform you. He is our player, there is always a way to return to the team”.

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