ORrbas Fuenlabrada won at the Coliseum and certified the permanence in ACB while San Pablo could not get the match and will play next season in LEB Oroin a match in which the Madrid team was better, deserved the victory and will continue in the highest category of Spanish basketball.

Nervousness was noted in both teams and the first basket took a long time to arrive, Fuenlabrada went ahead with a run of 0-8 that forced Paco Olmos to ask for time out.

A break for their players who came out much more in tune and from the defense they came back from that quarter and took the lead on the scoreboard (9-8), but lThe needs of both teams led them to play something irregular and the losses were one of the key points of the first quarterin which Fuenlabrada finished ahead (15-16).

Again José María Raventós’ men gave a push at the beginning of the second quarter and another 0-9 run helped by San Pablo’s offensive errors allowed them to dominate again (20-27), because San Pablo had a hard time getting to the hoop but found in Cady Lalanne a way to cut back and level the match at break (31-31).

The start of San Pablo was not good, as he saw how in each attack from Fuelabrada he conceded a triple until he was ten points ahead (37-47) and Ristic began to do a lot of damage in the paint (41-52), but no matter how hard the team from Burgos tried Raventós’ men were better and dominated 48-59 with ten minutes to go.

The last quarter was dominated by Urbas Fuenlabrada, he took a very comfortable advantage that with relegation at stake (52-69), Meindl put the finishing touch to a team that believed more that permanence was possible and ended up going over a Burgos that lacked intensity.


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